Allow Employees to Take the Full Day Leave

Full-day leave is a privilege of the employee to take the whole day off.  Whether the company allows the leave to be paid or unpaid,  this feature allows the employees to request full-day leaves through Carbonate HR. 

When the leave approver allows the leave request, the number of full-day leave requested will be subtracted from the employee’s remaining pool of leave balances.  The leave balance will be shown in days, hours, and minutes if needed.

Before you can allow the full-day leave, the leave type must be added to the Carbonate HR. Below is the user guide for your reference.

Step 1.

On the dashboard, go to the Settings section and click the Leave/Holiday tab.

Step 2

On the leave settings, go to the Leave type and click its Edit button.

Step 3

Scroll down to the Leave control.

On the “Do you allow employees to take full day leaves?”, toggle the “Yes” button.

When you want to disable this option, toggle the No button.

Step 5.

Click on Save.

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