Video Courses

You will be happy to welcome a new module on the Carbonate HR system.

Now you can create your own academy to train your staff and set the assessments.

Let’s see you can do that.

Please check if you have logged in Carbonate before doing the changes.

Step 1

Click on the “Onboarding” button in the left side menu

Step 2

To begin with, click on “+ Create course” button

Step 3

Type in Course Title, Subtitle and Course overview

Step 4

Select who shall be taking this course

Step 5

Select if this a mandatory course, is it allowed to be retaken and what is the passing benchmark.

Step 6

Once you have filled this up and made selections, proceed to click on “Set Content”

Step 7

Add details of units and subunits of the video and then upload the video using the video upload button. Once completed, click on the “Set Assessment” button.

You may add as many as united and subunits needed.

Step 8

Click on “Add Question” button and start adding assessment questions.

Step 9

You may add as many as questions you wish to for each unit

Step 10

Once all the questions are set, click on the “Review” button.

Step 11

On the Review page, you will be able to see all the videos and the assessments.

Click on the “assessment on the right side list to see the assessment questionnaire

Step 12

Click on the back button to go back to the review page

Step 13

Once everything is ready, click on the publish button

Step 14

After Publishing the Course, you will make if live by going to “All coursed”

Step 15

Move your mouse arrow next to the course and click on the “live” button and the course will be live for the relevant employees.

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