Custom Built Reports

Carbonate HR gives you a flexibility in generating the reports the way you want. You can pick and choose the fields you want to export in a report. With report builder feature, you have full control of creating and keeping your own report templates saved in the system so that you do not have to repeat the same thing over and over again.

Before generating the custom reports please make sure the desired data is available like for payroll, leave so that it can be exported really easily

Let’s see how report builder feature works.

Please log in to Carbonate with your credentials and go to the Analytics module.

Step 1

Click on “Analytics” from the left side menu


Step 2

Click on the report templates


Step 3

Click on “Create Template” button


Step 4

Type in a title of this report template and select the actors from the dropdown list


Step 5

We can also add cost, time under the roster module, and other required parameters to built and create a new template accordingly.

Step 6

Check the desired checkboxes to create the columns for the report. The columns will be created in the sequence of selection of the checkboxes.


Step 7

Once you have had your selection of columns for this report template, click on the “Save Template” button at the top right corner of the page and you will see the template created


Step 8

You can click on the “Generate Report” button in order to generate a report


Step 9

You will see two options “Default report” and “Customised Report”

Default report are the reports which are based on the templates set by the system. You can apply the filters and generate a report by module.


Step 10

To generate based on the custom template you have created, click on “Custom Report” option. Apply the filters and select the template to generate the custom report.


Step 11

We can also generate Custom report for project costing by outlets, divided into meal allowance and labor cost.

Click on create template.

Step 12

Add Meal Allowance & Labour Cost (Hourly rate x no of hours spent in that outlet).

Click on Save template.

Step 13

You can also add bank details, bank name and other variables.

Click on Save template.

Step 14

Click on Generate.

Step 15

Add the required details and click on export to get the custom report.

Step 16

Add one more variable ‘Cost’ which will include the following –

  • Basic wage
  • Non-Paid Leave
  • Annual Leave
  • Foreign Worker Levy
  • Employer’s CPF
  • SDL
  • Bonus
  • Incentives


In the Analytics tab select actors as rank/designation.

Step 17

Add the cost variables and click on Save template.

Step 18

Once the template is created click on generate .

Step 19

Add the required details and click on export under Customised Report.

Step 20

You can also select department while exporting the data under the customized report section.

Step 21

We can add the document variables along with expiry date and prepare a report on the same.

Click on save template.


NOTE: Once click on generate after saving the template.


Step 22

Click on export to fetch the report of employees for documents with expiry date.

Custom built reports

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