What are the conditions to calculate CPF contribution for employees ?

On Carbonate, there are a few details that needs to be added in order for CPF to be calculated.

Step 1
  • Go to the staff list.
Step 2
  • Select the particular staff.
Step 3
  • Click on the identification tab.
Step 4a: staff is Singapore citizen
  • Enter date of birth, nationality, country of birth and NRIC details
Step 4b: staff is Singapore PR
  • Enter date of birth, nationality, country of birth, SPR approval date and NRIC details
Step 5
  • Click on save
Step 6
  • Click on the employment tab
Step 7
  • Tick the box “contributes CPF”
Step 8
  • Fill in the basic salary (per period)
Step 9
  • Click on save.
Step 10
  • CPF will now be calculated correctly as per the entered details.

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