Generate CPF File for e-Submission

There is always a chance of human error when calculating and entering the data manually which may result in unforeseen problems.

With Carbonate HR app we have automated the HR processes to eliminate the possibility of human error. Carbonate HR app is smart enough to know the rate of CPF contribution for different age groups.

And then we don't there, we help you to submit the CPF with the help of CPF e-submission file.

Before you proceed to generate the CPF e-submission file, please ensure that the payroll for the month is correctly done.


Step 1

Click on the Payroll on the left-side menu.


Step 2

Click on Select file generate option on the top right side on the page.


Step 3

Click on Generate CPF text file in the drop-down list.


Step 4

Complete the form by selecting the hiring company, contribution month, year and rest of the form.


Step 5

Click on the Generate button at the bottom of the form to generate the CPF e-submission file.


Additional information:

Once you have generated the CPF e-submission file, please log in to your CPF submission portal and upload the file. The CPF contribution of each staff will be listed out for your review. Here is a video.

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