Monitor the Live Attendance

In Carbonate HR, the Admin or the Manager with Attendance privilege may be able to monitor the live attendance of the employees. In a Live Attendance feature, the Admin or the Managers may be able to view the active and inactive employee count in real-time. It will show the Staff Name, Outlet, Designation, and the time they check-in or check out. 

To view the Live attendance of the team, the employee must have performed their attendance in any of the different ways.


How to monitor Live Attendance

Step 1:

On the dashboard, go to the Attendance module.

Step 2:

Go to the Live Attendance tab.

Click the Full-Screen button to view the Live attendance on one page of the full screen.

  • Active Employee Count. It contains the list of employees who are still working and have not checked out yet.
  • Inactive Employee Count. It contains the list of employees who have checked in today but already checked out.


Liv Attendance

You can watch the video here:

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