Generate Payslip for Vanuatu

Note that if the employee belongs to Vanuatu Country and we generate the Payslip of that employee, then a total of 8%  VNPF Contribution should be deducted, in which the 4% of employee’s tax and the other 4% of Employer’s tax. 

The accurate contribution for VNPF deduction should show in the Employee profile Payroll tab.

We need to update the staff profile of each employee working for an entity that belongs to Vanuatu. Kindly ensure that each employee of Vanuatu country has the VNPF on their profile. Refer to this user guide below.



Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Payroll section.

Step 2.

Select the employee by clicking the arrow.

Step 3

Click on Edit Pay Items. Click on the Component selector Tab.

The VNPF option should be shown in the Fixed allowances/deductions column. Check the box.

Then, click Generate the payslip.

Step 4

View or download the payslip.

Step 5

The payslip generated for Vanuatu employees should look like the sample below.

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