Set-up appraisal cycles (Submission, Review, finalisation & communication cycles)

Staff Appraisal Set-up

Step 1:

Click on Review Appraisal on the left-side menu

Step 2:

To set-up the appraisal first time, Click on Go to Appraisal Set up

Step 3.

Click on Start set up.

Step 4:

Select the dates for the following cycles of appraisal,

  • Submission Period
  • The staff will have to complete and submit their appraisal within the dates you select for this cycle of appraisal.
  • Staff will add their own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Staff will rate themselves for each KPI
  • Staff will complete the Success factors and rate themselves
  • Staff will get a notification when the appraisal starts
  • Staff will be reminded to submit the completed appraisal form as the end dates approach closer and on the end date of the submission cycle
  • Reporting officer (RO) may intervene to assist the staff to complete the form by adding comments which can be kept hidden of making visible to the staff
  • Review Period
  • RO will be notified when the review cycle starts
  • In “Review Period” Reporting Officer will review the KPIs added by the staff and Success factors added by the Management
  • RO will rate each KPI added and success factors
  • RO may add comments for each KPI and may choose to keep hidden or visible to the staff
  • RO will have to complete the review before the review period ends
  • RO will be reminded if there are pending reviews to be completed
  • The comments will always be visible to the Admin
  • Appraisal Finalization Period
  • Selected management (in most cases the HR Manager) will be prompted when the finalization period starts
  • Management will add their final rating to each KPI and success factors
  • Management may initiate communication with the RO by clicking on Invite button
  • Communication Period
  • In this phase of appraisal, Management and RO communicates to add Final P Rating to the appraisal
  • This Final P Rating will decide the overall performance of the staff
    Final P rating will overwrite the average performance rating
  • If the Management and RO agrees upon the average rating, they may decide not to add the final P-rating
Step 4:

Click on Add Success factors from the top of the page

Step 5:

Type-in the Success factor title and points of Success factor

Step 6:

To add more points to the same success factor, click on Add Points. You can add as many as point you want.

Step 7:

To add another success factor, click on Add Success Factors. By repeating Steps 1, 2 and 3, you can add up to 5 success factors.


Step 8:

Once all the success factors are added, click on the save button to save the list of success factors.

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