Number of Hours the Employee Worked to Get the Basic Salary in Payroll

Carbonate lets you check the number of working hours while generating payroll for hourly payroll users.  Follow the steps below on how to view the number of working hours by hourly payroll users.

Please ensure to add the staff before generating the Payroll.

Also, in the employment tab, kindly select the payslip period as hourly for the staff.


Go to the Payroll.

Step 2.

Search the employee on the search bar by name, email, or outlet.

Step 3.

Click on edit pay items.

Step 4

There are a total of 5 tabs, namely;

  • Fixed allowances/deductions
  • Other allowances/deductions
  • Post CPF additions/deductions
  • Component selector
  • Review payslips

You may add/deduct different types of Allowances, Commissions, Overtime, etc., on these tabs.

Step 5

Before you proceed to generate the payslips, you may download the summary of the payroll for your reference or cross-check the breakdown of all the payrolls of each hourly-paid worker.

Step 6

Click on Generate payslips at the top right of the page to view all the payslips.

Step 7

Click on view to download the payslip.

Step 8

You can now view the payslip where total working hours will be shown.


  • Note: Once the payslip is generated, we can generate the YTD report.
  • We can generate and submit the CPF.
  • We can generate the bank giro file.
  • We can also submit the IR8A file.



Step 9

Go to the export payslip history under select file generate options.

Step 10

Fill out all the required information on the pop-up page.

Step 11

Click Export button.

Step 12

Once the payslip history data is exported, the employee’s number of hours will be visible in the payroll summary report.

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