Navigate the Exit Interview Templates

When an employee files a resignation, an Exit Interview is conducted.  Now, Carbonate lets you process the Exit Interview without the necessity for a face to face or manual answering of the interview.  You can have the option to make it a default.

To speed up the Exit Interview, you can create a template for the Exit Interview Process.

When processing the exit interview, the Staff status must be updated to Resigned. 

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Settings section.  Click the Exit Interview from the More tab.

Step 2

Exit interview templates

here, you can view the available exit interview templates.  Just click the title and you can view the content.

Step 3

Show button

Click the show button to view the content.

Step 4

Delete button

Click the delete button to remove the template.

Step 5

Add New template

Click this button when creating a new exit interview template.

Step 6

When the resigned employee answered the Exit interview template, you can now view the answer on the Exit interview.

Go to Analytics Module on the left side menu.

Step 7

On the top right corner, click on the analytics and select the EXIT INTERVIEW.

Step 8

Once done, the admin can view all the exit interviews done by resigned employees.

Step 9

After clicking on the ‘View Interview’, the admin can now see the answers as shown in the sample image.

Exit Interview Process

You can watch the video here:

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