Mileage claim rate

  • On carbonate as an employee, you can now claim for mileage cost at a predefined rate either from the settings page defined by admin applicable for all the staff or it can also be defined in the employee profile also.
  • Once the rates are defined, an employee can add this as a claim under the mileage options.
  • Please follow the below steps to implement the same in carbonate.
Step 1:
Step 2:
  • Please go to claim menu on the settings page.
Step 3:
  • Please go to Mileage claim rate and add new mileage rate defined by admin applicable for all the staff.
Step 3(a)

If you want the mileage claim rate to be CPF deductible, kindly enable the same.


Note: While submitting mileage claim, It will be CPF deductible once enabled. 

Step 4:
  • Kindly click on save in the bottom of the page.
Define mileage claim rate from employee profile

Step 1:

  •  Once login to carbonate please go to staff list and open the profile.
Step 2:
  • Kindly go to employment tab of the employee profile.
Step 3:
  • Please go to Mileage claim rate and click add new item to define it from employee profile.
Step 4:
  • Kindly click on save.
How to add mileage cost as a claim?

Step 1

  • Once login to carbonate, please click on payroll option.

Step 2:
  • Please click on claims under bulk payslip options in the drop down menu.
Step 3:
  • Please click on add claim under the payroll menu.
Step 4:
  • Please add claim as a mileage option and fill in the required details.
Step 5:
  • Please click on send, then it will be reflected under claims approval section.
Mileage Claim Rate

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