Manager Privileges

A normal reporting manager can manage staff attendance, compensation, leave applications, rosters, and claims of the reporting staff.

However, you may give special privileges to a manager to manage attendance, leave applications, rosters, claim, update and create profiles, manage payroll, claim and more of reporting and non-reporting users.  Let’s see how to set the privileges for a manager.

Please check if you have logged in to Carbonate before giving privilege access to the manager.

Step 1

To set the privileges for the manager, go to staff list

Step 2

Click on manager’s profile and then go to “Privileges” tab

Step 3

Enable or disable the privileges of desired level for attendance, leaves, roster, payroll, claims, loans and profile. Once the correct selection has been made, click the save button at the bottom.

Step 4

If you wish to control the visibility of the profile tabs even to the privileged manager, you can set it from the settings > company settings > manager accessibility

Step 5

While choosing the manager accessibility, General tab access for the manager is mandatory and we can not uncheck this option.

Step 6

Toggle the button “Also applicable for managers having employee profile privileges“ if you want to restrict privileged manager accessibility to user profile tabs.

Manager Privileges

You can watch the video here:

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