How to submit an appraisal in Carbonate?

On Carbonate submitting an appraisal is really easy.

Please follow the below steps to submit an appraisal.

Step 1.
Step 2.
  • Click on add appraisal details.
Step 3.
  • Kindly fill up the appraisal form and add the self-rating on individual parameters. and update the details in KPI.
Step 6.
  • If your documents settings are enabled for the appraisal you are expected to upload the key documents as required.


  •  Click on Save. 
Step 7
  • Once all KPI and self-rating are added Finally Click on submit from the bottom of the page.
Step 8
  • Once the appraisal is submitted by the employee, they will get this status on the left hand of the appraisal menu.
Step 9
  • On the Review appraisal menu, RO can view the appraisal submitted by the employee.
Step 10.
  • RO can also submit an appraisal on behalf of staff if settings for submitting appraisal enabled for RO.
Step 11:
  • RO  submit an appraisal on behalf of the staff.
Step 12:

Once the appraisal is submitted, you can also print the same using a standard format in Carbonate.

Step 13

You can also update the Manager/Approver in ongoing appraisal form once updated in profile from the appraisal settings.

Note: Once it is done admins will be able to change the RO and Approver in an ongoing Appraisal.

Step 14

You can also add the label for the appraisal from the settings.

Appraisal submission

You can watch the video here:

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