How to send documents to the resigned staff with a back up email?

Employers should send documents like payslips, etc., to staff after they left the company.  Once resigned, their official/primary email/account will be deactivated.  So, it is important to have a backup email.  

If you wish to send payslips & other documents whenever a staff left the company,  you can easily do the same in Carbonate.

Please check the staff is added to the staff list before making any changes.


Step 1.

Go to the Staff list.

Step 2.

Open the  Staff profile.

Step 3

Change the status to resigned.  Click on yes when a prompt appears to change the primary email  to backup email address.

Step 4

Go to the General tab and add the backup email address of the staff first.

Then the staff primary and back up email address will be the same.

Step 5

Click on Save.

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