How to select page layout for your payslips?

Selecting the page layout is an easy process, can easily be done with a few steps.

Kindly follow the below steps to implement the same:



  • Please login to your carbonate account with your credentials and go to the settings page.
Step 2.
  • Go to the payroll option.
Step 3.
  • Go to the payslip layout and select the page layout for your payslips.
  • Kindly click on save.
Step 5.
  • Once the landscape layout is selected, you will be able to view the payslip in the same format for the users.
Step 6

You can add the job designation of the employee in the payslip.

Kindly enable the option for job designation on payslip under the payslip layout.

Note: Once it is enabled job designation will be visible for the user once the payslip is generated for a particular duration.

Payslip layout

You can watch the video here:

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