How to give administrative privileges access for Company Settings to the manager?

A normal reporting manager can manage staff attendance, compensation, leave applications, rosters, and claims of the reporting staff.

However, you may give special privileges to a manager to update company-level settings.  Let’s see how to set the privileges for a manager.

Step 1
Step 2
  • Please search the particular staff and open the profile for the employee.
Step 3
  • Please go to the Privileges tab of the employee profile and select administrative access for company-level settings and add the module for the manager privilege access.
Step 4
  • Please click on save at the bottom of the privileges tab and keep your preferences.
Step 5
  • If you wish to control the visibility of the profile tabs even to the privileged manager, you can set it from the settings > company settings > manager accessibility
Step 6
  • Toggle the button “Also applicable for managers having employee profile privileges“ if you want to restrict privileged manager accessibility to user profile tabs.

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