Does Carbonate have an option to Edit profile privileges for the staff?

In the past the staff and manager account holders could not edit their own information on their own profile, now with this update, the admin can allow the staff and manager to update their own profile information.

Follow these simple steps on updating your profile privileges.

Please check if you have logged in to Carbonate with your credentials before making any changes.

 At first, please make sure the staff profile is added into Carbonate.

Step 1(Admin settings)

Go to the Settings.

Step 2

Click on the company module.

Step 3

Go to the Edit Profile Privileges and enable the same.

Step 4

Select the tab you want to provide privileges access to the staff.

Step 5

Click on Save.

Step 6(Staff role update)

Go to Staff list.

Step 7

Open the Staff profile

Step 8

Go to the particular tab and update your information and click on Submit changes for approval.

Step 9

On the pop up window, select Yes to submit changes for required approval.



Step 10(Admin profile)

On the staff list of the admin role, a notification will appear, click on it.

Step 11

Click on Approve/Reject to do the required action accordingly.

 Note :

Once approved, change the Auto Updated in system.

If rejected, system will  send message to staff stating the reason.  The data will remain unchanged for the rejected changes.

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