Create an Announcement with Attachments

In Carbonate HR, you can easily send out new announcement with attachment (such as docs or photos).  Generally, the attachment can be viewed by the recipient if they have the same program that allows the file format to be read.  For example, a portable document format (.pdf) can be easily viewed by almost anyone using their mobile and computer. 

When attaching files in an announcement, make sure to determine the recipient.  Recipients can be the following: 

  • Outlet
  • Department
  • Citizenship type
  • Skills Set
  • Employees

Refer to the following user guides that will guide you in adding or updating the recipients:

Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Communication section.

Go to the Announcement tab.


Step 2

Click on the Create button at the top right corner.

Fill out the required fields.

Step 3

To attach the file, click Add files and browse file from your system to upload the respective file.

You can also drag and drop a file here.

Step 4

Click Send.

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