How to stay productive during Work from home?

Arumoy Saha
Jun 22

Work from home is a completely new concept around the world and staying productive is a big challenge. While we usually go to the office and find it comfortable and doing our job in a peaceful way. Working from home for an employee need a lot of self-discipline.

While from an employer perspective expectation remains the same for work but it is the environment that is really crucial for an employee to stay productive. Remember the transformation is not always easy but the key to success is to stay focused while working from home. Here are some points to note while working from home and stay productive.

• Defined your workspace: While many of the office goers prefer work from home nowadays, so when you doing that please defined your workspace area at home, it is extremely important. Find a space around a corner in your room where you feel comfortable, where you can boost your productivity. Identify the area where you can work quietly, design your work area in such a way that it can be similar like in your office which will help you stay productive.

• Create your own schedule: While working from home chalk out a plan that can meet your working schedule. Create your own start time, break time, and your clock out time but make sure you complete all the tasks assigned for the day. This will put you on track as per your scheduled workload. It also conveys communication to your office workers that you have created a schedule, similar to in the office.

• Stay connected & proactive: While working from home it is better to communicate via video call or group chat which helps you stay connected and feel relaxed rather than working alone at home. While face to face interaction won’t be possible just like in office but it will help your mind to stay active and focus on the right thing without any distraction. It will also bring self-discipline into the work to meet the workload while working remotely. Please note there will be a self-isolation which is obvious but it also depends on how well your team communicates to you and amplify you to stay energetic.

• Balance work structure: If you are working from home kindly make sure balanced is maintained between your work and personal life. Kindly set your work aside once the day is over and take your free time and enjoy what you love doing. This will help you start afresh for the next day and stay productive. If you need to pull in extra hours make sure you focus on the strategy you need to implement to complete it and use the leisure time with your close ones which will help you stay focused.

• Take multiple breaks: While working from home it should not be monotonous, take a break whenever you are required to. An adequate break rejuvenates you to work in a better way, help you gelled well with the team. But while taking these breaks stay away from your laptop screen and phone.

• Be Positive and seize your day: One of the important things while working from is to stay positive when there could be several distractions at home. Please note if you plan your task properly it will help you to stay focused and positive. During work from home yoga and meditation also motivate employees to stay happy and manage your time wisely from the beginning until the end of the day.

Working from home in the current time may not be what you have planned earlier but those adapt to new conditions quickly able to produce the best results. So, trust in your ability to adapt and discover the correct work balance, and everything will be sorted along the way.

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